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Exclusive VIP Buyers List Program: Pretty Homes at Ugly Home Prices

Pretty Home for Real Estate Investor

 $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars)  for 50%  Equity In A Home Valued at $200,000 Minimum

Can you imagine acquiring a home like this for $50,000?  There is a fairly well guarded process on how this is possible.  It works in selected areas and we know the areas and have the teams in place for success.

Additional Details:

1. Your participation:  Currently $50,000 (this will increase in the next 3-6 months)
2. ROI: Most transaction are projected to have an ROI of greater than 50% annually

What is the catch? 

There is no catch. You must understand the entire process from date of participation to date when the property can be resold by you can be 12-24 months.  You and your joint venture partner will own the property in about  months from the date your participation begins.

What Is My Security?

There is minimal risk in this process. However, should the rules and regulations governing this opportunity change quickly, half or $25,000 is your risk.  Also since the amount you pay is in two phases with the second phase being due approximately 90 days after the first, you must be confident that you have the second $25,000 otherwise the transaction will be the JV partner responsibility to complete and you forgo the first $25,000

Are There Additional Details? 

There are many actually which we can discuss with those who have the money and interest in this program.

Next Step

Simply Email Me your complete contact information including your first name, last name and cell phone and I will set up a meeting (can be by phone ) where the complete details will be explained. When sending  your information please note this is for direct buyers with the ability to fund the purchase of one or more homes.

This is an incredible opportunity and you will agree when you receive all the remaining information.

Steve Pohlit