High ROI Turnkey (All Done For You) Single Family Income Producing Homes Immediately Available – Buy One, Ten or More

3-2-2  turnkey residential home 1 All our turnkey properties are 3 bedroom, 2 baths and most have 2 car garages. All are renovated so little or no worries about an unexpected maintenance expense anytime soon. If you are buying one, we can get this done in couple of weeks. If you want to buy 100, that will take a little longer as each home is personally selected and inspected by our team.

What Does Turnkey Mean?

The word Turnkey generally applies to rental properties where every step of the process is done for you. In our business model we select for you only single family homes. “Do It All For You” is the real estate model that most everyone wants. In fact even those real estate investors who have been in the business of finding and managing properties themselves, begin to understand there is a better way.

Do it all for you means all but the final decision to purchase is done for you. The property is selected based on your investment criteria, any repairs needed are made, a qualified tenant is found, your investment is protected by a very experienced property management team. Most importantly you will have all the information needed to make a final decision to buy including knowing the net cash flow you can expect from your investment.

Pay Cash or We Will Help With the Right Financing Solution for You With One of Our More Than 50 Lenders

Generally count on 20% down and our average purchase price is in the range of $95,000 to $140,000. You can expect at least a 10% net return net on your money and often this is higher depending on your buying criteria. You will have all the data you need for your decision.


You Are The 100% Owner of The Property Once It Is Purchased

The Support Systems and People In Place Are Very Experienced. The Closer You Look, The Better They Look.

Next Steps 

1. For most who are interested in buying one home, please click here, watch the video and then get started by completing the Free GAME PLAN.

1. If you are a bulk buyer, please contact me immediately. Please be ready with the number of properties you want and proof of funds.

Direct Contact Information

Steve Pohlit
Ph 727-587-7871