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Our Real Estate Deals Offer Funding Sources Security and Excellent Return on Investment – ROI

We have an Increasing number of single family home real estate investment opportunities. We are  actively networking for $1.3 million in funding now and an additional $2 million in June 

Seminole FloridaOur Business Model:

We only buy properties that are homes.  Most of our deals are single family homes only because we are not finding  multi-family properties that meet our buying criteria . Currently there are no shortages of buy and hold  deal opportunities in our core market which is Tampa Bay Florida. We have one buy fix and flip property on our radar screen.

We buy properties to fix and resell (flips) and buy and hold (rentals)  Our business model limits our acquisitions to distressed properties which allows us to quickly create a margin of equity that further secures the principle of our funding sources.

Recently we published an article about our exclusive bank owned (REO) bulk buy program (Click Here For That Article) Our goal is to invest up to $500,000 in these properties this month.  That list is published on or about the 20th of each month.

Financial Model 

Buy Renovate and Resell Properties:  The deals we have done this year to date are projected to result in a 30% or higher return on investment for our funding partners. Going forward we are looking for 100% of the funds needed for these deals from one source. Our view is 30% on an annual basis is conservative. Our plans are to be in, renovate and sell in 6 months or less. The first property to be listed this year sold took 4 months to buy, fix and close. We have two more coming on line to be listed now.  We are planning on acquiring  one home about every two months in the Tampa market as we are not finding many opportunities that have the profit potential our model requires. We have a highly skilled partner who plans and executes our renovations.

Buy and Hold (Rentals):  For single family homes we are looking to pay about 8% for the funding required for a property and share in the equity build during the hold period.  The spread between our all in cost at the time we acquire the property and market value is usually 10% or higher. The annual equity build is currently projected to be 5%.  We are requesting a three year commitment on the funding for these deals.  The average annual return for this model is estimated to be 12% each year for three years. We use very experienced property managers for this niche and our ROI calculations are net of 35% for expenses including property management.

Bank Owned PropertiesBulk Buy Bank Owned Properties (REO): We have  a strategic partner for this program that has been in this niche for 8 years and has all the direct banking contacts. Additionally there is a unique exit strategy so we are looking to joint venture for funding to initially buy $500,000 of properties each month.  The source of funds can reasonable expect annual returns in excess of 30%.

For more information and immediate consideration please call 

Steve Pohlit

PS  We are requesting 100% of the funds required for these properties. The funds can be structured as combination debt and equity.


How To Profit With The Properties On The Monthly Bank Owned Property List

Bank Owned Properties Monthly Bank Owned Property List Explained 

First the monthly bank owned property list is the inventory of residential homes by city and state that are currently owned by banks that have decided to release them to market for fast sale.  In many cases they have been on the MLS, you may find them on Zillow and you may find them on auctions sites.  However, they have not sold so the banks are moving them out through a bid process.

The Good News 

The price presented on the list by the banks is not what you need to bid.  Our experience to date is bid in the range of 40-60% of the price on the list has a good chance of winning.  Bidding on multiple properties increases your chance of a successful bid.

The Reality of This Process

It takes work – due diligence is a process and there are no shortcuts.

You must move fast – normally you have about a week to evaluate the deals an make a decision

It is important to have all the cash required for your bid.  As part of our program you will need 50% of your bid amount plus $2,000 buyers premium for each property where you want to submit a bid.

Do We Distribute The Entire List Upon Request? 

We distribute the entire list to our business partners and mentoring students.  Each understand the process and have agreed to abide by the rules for sharing this information. If you are not in a partner or student we will send you the properties for your city once you represent you will not distribute the information, you are qualified to complete the due diligence process and you are a cash buyer.  We recommend having a minimum of $30,000 available for the bidding process.

Can I Bid On The Entire List?

The recent list price value of all the properties on the last two months lists were approximately $44 million. For those interested in placing a bid for the entire list we will work with you to complete the process. You will need to provide proof of funds for $25 million.  The total you bid could be less than that depending on the mix of homes.

Are All The Properties on The List Single Family Homes?

Some of the properties are condos and some of the single family homes are manufactured homes. The majority of the homes are single family home in a range of sizes.

I Am Interested – What Is The Next Step?

Contact me by email ( Click Here To Email ) and please provide the following

1. Include in the subject lint ” Important – Send Bank Owned Properties ”
2. In your message confirm you are a real estate investor experienced in doing residential property due diligence.
3. Confirm you are a cash buyer and have access to a minimum of $30,000

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Finally – Is This Worth It?

When you have a buyer beware mindset and act fast there are opportunities for very good returns especially if you have experience as a flipper and wholesaler.  Your chances improve if you are able to acquire more than one deal at a time.  However, we are unique in the market because we do accept bids for one property at a time.

“Your Success Is Our Business”

If this catches your attention I look forward to hearing from you

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner 
Ph 727-587-7871

Steve Pohlit, Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant, Real Estate Investor. Published Author, Professional Speaker