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Check Out The Results When We Combine Bank Owned Real Estate Acquired at Deep Discounts With Owner Financing !! This Turnkey Program Is Perfect for Lenders, JV Partners and Accredited Investors

bank owned propertyBluewater Capital Properties LLC announces their exclusive partnership with a well established source of bank owned real estate that has the exit strategy in place and proven.

My partner is able to buy real estate  at deep discounts from current market value. The current focus is on single family homes. The purchase price is  in the range of  40% of the list price presented by the banks and the list prices  is below market value.  In summary there is significant  profit opportunity because of the value Bluewater and its partners bring to the market.

The Value of Bluewater Capital Propeties, LLC Includes:

1. An exclusive network of direct sellers of real estate at deep discount prices that has been developed and expanded for nearly 10 years.
2. A mature marketing strategy proven to get future owners into these properties quickly and profitably.
3. Our partner’s program offers people an opportunity to become a home owner that may not otherwise have that chance.
4. Since previously unoccupied properties are then occupied, neighborhoods and communities begin to further improve because there are people who proudly are paying to ultimately own these homes. 

Bluewater’s partner can acquire properties in one day once funds are available.  There is no waiting for a specific time of the month for lists to become available . Our partner is able to acquire properties in significant quantities most days. Once acquired the marketing begins immediately for a future  owner..  This marketing funnel is part of the business model named Buy Here Pay Here Homes.

Exit Strategy for Single Family Real Estate Acquired 

Bluewater Capital Properties, LLC is on the path of become the preferred real estate investor by focusing on attracting the capital to further expand the number of homes that can be purchased as deep discount prices.  These include:

  1. Fix it and resell it
  2. Rent it
  3. Wholesale it

Bluewater’s Primary Focus  Is on the following  Unique and Exclusive Exit Option – Very Easy and Completely Done For You – Completing the Real Estate Turnkey Model

Buy Here Pay Here Homes4. Click Here and visit Buy Here Pay Here Homes  That is an important and meaningful  part of our partner’s business. This program has two vehicles for  reselling homes purchased by Bluewater through our partner at deep discount prices.

First:  Market and sell them to owner occupants though the Buy Here Pay Here Homes Program. Note sell them means they are sold on terms and the deed is retained by the original purchaser until the note is paid or until the note is sold.  Example  Purchase Price $30,000 Face Value of Note $60,000 Interest Rate 12% Monthly Payment – 30 Year Note 617.17  We could hold the note and collect this monthly payment. Alternatively we could sell the note (we are connected to note buyers) at a discount for say $45,000 and the note buyer gets a significantly higher rate than 12% (slightly more than 16% which is very attractive) and  the Bluewater has made a $15,000 profit  in this example. The time from start until the note is sold is in the range of 6 months.

Online TurnkeySecond: the home purchased by Bluewater  is entered in our partner’s soon to be released on line turnkey marketing and servicing site. At this site home owners and specifically Bluewater can add a home , set the selling price and buyer can buy the home and fund the purchase all very easily on line. This is going to be an amazing vehicle for quickly selling homes . How are we so sure? We already know from other relationships there is a huge on line demand for these properties. Arrangements have been finalized for the overflow traffic from other sites to come to this new one because many orders are not getting fulfilled.   This vehicle has the potential of selling the home to a new buyer at a premium from the original purchase price within a very short time of the original purchase.  (This option is brand new, not tested by us but we project this to be a game changer.)

Note: as a reminder everything in this business model is focused on the primary benefit associated with buying homes at a discount deeper than those commonly found by real estate investors. This strategy increases the security for Bluewater and the sources of Bluewater’s capital being used to purchase deep discount real estate properties. i

Bluewater Capital Properties LLC (Bluewater)

The company that is the source of the real estate acquired at deep discounts from bank and Buy Here Pay Here Homes are members of this newly formed LLC In addition we have a prominent attorney and  CPA firm as members. Bluewater’s primary mission is to raise capital (equity and debt) to further develop the acquisition of bulk residential properties primarily offered by banks and the related sales through the Buy Here Pay Here Homes program and/or the soon to be released on line turnkey site.  This strategy has already resulted in cash on cash returns secured by the properties substantially above current market rates for direct investors established with our partner. 

Individual Equity Investors in Bluewater – Must be accredited investors and the information for this group is outside the scope of this article.  For more information including a copy of our private placement memorandum when available please email  or call at your convenience.This does not apply to lenders or those including lenders that want to joint venture with us.  See next section. 

Steve Pohlit, Member
Phone 727-587-7871

Request for Private Money Lenders – Exclusive For Bluewater Capital Properties LLC Business Model and Joint Venture Partners.  Attn Private Money Lenders: we value your business model as it has helped several of our partners complete real estate deals. Take a close look at this business model. When you do we are happy to borrow from you. We think you will be happier by being a JV Partner.  

Hard Money – Private Money Lenders 

Bluewater is requesting  a starting loan from real estate lenders of at least $200,000  The lender should have the capacity to loan much more each month. However, we respect the importance of proving what we represent.  We will work with multiple lenders and at no time will more than one lender be secured by a property, We are open to reasonable rates of interest. The key part of the lending program is  interest only monthly with a balloon at the end of one year that caN roll over for another upon mutual acceptance.  The other very important point is we are buying a pool of assets. Our contract for purchase of a pool of assets will secure the loan up to the amount of the loan. (Yes loans of larger amount are very welcome.) .

While we are requesting 100% of the funds required for the fees and purchase price of a portfolio of homes,  we have invested considerable resources in the Buy Here Pay Here Homes Program and the soon to be released auction site. In addition to the home office staff there are approximately 200 people on contract to execute the Buy Here Pay Here Homes Program in the field with the systems in place to service the marketing and sale of a home in nearly any location where a home is purchased.

Our program that focuses on acquiring properties at a deep discount offers lenders more security and safety than many of the residential real estate transactions we have seen in our experience. We know we need to provide first secured position to the lender for each home purchased. We can execute that on the day funds are wired based on the contract for purchase and sale with the banks.

JV Funding Partners – This Program Offers Better  Returns, Very Secure and Turnkey (Done For You)  for Those Who Typically Are Real Estate Lenders and JV Partners 

We know the prevalent range of  private money or hard money lender rates. Our JV program means we share in the profits. The returns projected are case by case based on the amount of money made available to Bluewater to buy properties. Remember your money is secured by assets acquired at substantial discounts from market value . While not cast in stone, you should be prepared to have $200,000 or more working for you.  Those positioned to partner with us at that amount or higher each month will get a preferred return.

The time is now! Call me now  and be sure you are in out list – register to the right

Thank you

Steve Pohlit, Member
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High ROI Turnkey (All Done For You) Single Family Income Producing Homes Immediately Available – Buy One, Ten or More

3-2-2  turnkey residential home 1 All our turnkey properties are 3 bedroom, 2 baths and most have 2 car garages. All are renovated so little or no worries about an unexpected maintenance expense anytime soon. If you are buying one, we can get this done in couple of weeks. If you want to buy 100, that will take a little longer as each home is personally selected and inspected by our team.

What Does Turnkey Mean?

The word Turnkey generally applies to rental properties where every step of the process is done for you. In our business model we select for you only single family homes. “Do It All For You” is the real estate model that most everyone wants. In fact even those real estate investors who have been in the business of finding and managing properties themselves, begin to understand there is a better way.

Do it all for you means all but the final decision to purchase is done for you. The property is selected based on your investment criteria, any repairs needed are made, a qualified tenant is found, your investment is protected by a very experienced property management team. Most importantly you will have all the information needed to make a final decision to buy including knowing the net cash flow you can expect from your investment.

Pay Cash or We Will Help With the Right Financing Solution for You With One of Our More Than 50 Lenders

Generally count on 20% down and our average purchase price is in the range of $95,000 to $140,000. You can expect at least a 10% net return net on your money and often this is higher depending on your buying criteria. You will have all the data you need for your decision.


You Are The 100% Owner of The Property Once It Is Purchased

The Support Systems and People In Place Are Very Experienced. The Closer You Look, The Better They Look.

Next Steps 

1. For most who are interested in buying one home, please click here, watch the video and then get started by completing the Free GAME PLAN.

1. If you are a bulk buyer, please contact me immediately. Please be ready with the number of properties you want and proof of funds.

Direct Contact Information

Steve Pohlit
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